Monday, August 21, 2017

EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE Back With New album 'Grind' In October

US rockers EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE to release their forthcoming full-length album 'Grind', on October 6, 2017 via HighVolMusic (MRi/Sony, Cargo). Grind features a total of 11 tracks and three videos. The enhanced CD contains the five tracks from the self-released EP, plus three brand new studio tracks, three new live tracks recorded from the band's performance at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN on August 21st, 2016 and the new video for “Push” along with the videos “Blown Away” and “Loco Crazy”.

EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE 'Grind' album teaser:


British Symphonic Metal band DEAD OF NIGHT signs to PRIDE & JOY MUSIC!

DEAD OF NIGHT are a five piece Symphonic Rock/Metal band with members from various parts of the UK. Formed in 2013 by composer Carl Eden as a vehicle for an album that he had in mind at the time, and with the release of 'The Dead Shall Rise' in 2014 they began receiving much critical acclaim.

Following on from the success of this self-released debut album the band went on to re-record their first album under the title 'The Dead Shall Rise Again'. This was accompanied by their first live performance at The Railway - Bolton, UK, which spurred them on to continue gigging across the UK.

REVIEW : STEELHEART --- Through Worlds of Stardust (2017)

I just adore Steelheart's first two albums!!! It was 1990 when Steelheart released their debut record and, for sure, made a big impact to the hard rock world. The single “I’ll Never Let You Go” was a smashing success (for example, 33,000 albums were sold in one day in Japan) and quickly reached platinum sales.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

REVIEW : Stan Bush -- Change The World (2017)

Stan Bush is without any doubt one of the most respectful musicians of the melodic rock world. With an over 33-years career on his back, Stan Bush has offered some really impressive albums of pure melodic rock/AOR bliss. Nowadays, Mr. Bush is back again with his brand new opus which entitled "Change The World".

Black Paisley signed by German label Pride & Joy Music for world-wide distribution!

Pride & Joy Music is delighted to announce the signing of praised Swedish debutants Black Paisley for the world-wide physical release of the album “Late Bloomer”, on both CD and vinyl on October 27th, 2017!

From Stockholm, Sweden comes debuting ”Black Paisley” with a musical combination of Classic Rock, AOR and Modern Country. 

The band was formed by some of Sweden’s most experienced studio and tour musicians backed up by a new songwriter and vocalist Stefan Blomqvist.

The band’s rich deep blues infused vocals mixed with intricate guitar hooks, strong melodic harmonies and effective backing vocals will leave an indelible impression on listeners. With songs that are deeply emotional and undeniably uplifting I’m sure fans of any melodic rock will enjoy this new band.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

REVIEW : WAYWARD SONS --- Ghosts of Yet to Come (2017)

Wayward Sons is the brand new project/band of Frontiers. The band's leader is the well-known Toby Jepson of the legendary U.K. act Little Angels. Toby gathered around him a bunch of some very talented musicians and formed Wayward Sons.

Monday, August 14, 2017

REVIEW : HELL IN THE CLUB --- See You On The Dark Side (2017, Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

I like this band a lot! With their debut album, "Let The Games Begin", back in 2011, the boys offered a solid record full of memorable hooks and choruses, heavy riffing, powerful vocals and a bad-ass late 80's attitude. But with the next two records, "Devil On My Shoulder" and "Shadow Of The Monster" Hell In The Club nailed it!!!!

REVIEW : KEE OF HEARTS --- Kee of Hearts (2017, Frontiers Music s.r.l. )

Now this is a record that I was looking forward to listening to! Kee Of Hearts is the collaboration between two extremely talented musicians such as Tommy Heart (Fair Warning) and Kee Marcello (Europe). These two gathered a bunch of some also talented musicians like Ken Sandin (ex-Alien) on bass and Italian drummer Marco Di Salvia (Pino Scotto) and nowadays they deliver their excellent debut album KEE OF HEARTS via Frontiers Records.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

REVIEW : COLDSPELL -- A New World Arise (2017)

Coldspell is back!!! It's been already four years since the release of the band's "Frozen Paradise" record. So, the waiting is finally over and Coldspell is back in business with a brand new opus, "A New World Arise", that the sure thing is that will put a big smile upon the face of every serious melodic hard rock/metal fan out there.

REVIEW : JOE MATERA -- Heart Of Stone (2017)

Australian melodic rocker Joe Matera strikes back with his brand new cd "Heart Of Stone". To be more specific here, "Heart Of Stone" is a mini album that features the brand new single "Heart Of Stone" plus three acoustic live tracks recorded in London during Matera’s earlier European tours and a brand new instrumental track, ‘Live To Rock’ where Matera is accompanied by Australian guitar icon Rick Brewster (The Angels).